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Here I am …at the end of the semester. It was an awesome semester! I have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. I have tried so many different sports and I like all of them. The problem is that I don`t have enough time to practice all these activities. I am glad that at least tried them.

Honestly, that blog makes me happy. I wanted to do these things from such a long time. I was doing what I love to do. It wasn`t an obligation as in most of the classes where you should learn by heart 6-7 chapters and you are bored to death. That was my “journey of adventure and a lot of fun” as I stated at the beginning.

For the first time I tried fencing. I was interested in this sport because my mom was a national competitor in fencing. Once, she showed me some movements with a newspaper rolled up like a sword but that was just for fun. Then, I thought I should learn more about it. When I put the fencing outfit I felt the greatness of this sport. Prof. Krasimir Petkov, a lecturer and trainer of rapier, sword and sabre, told me about the history of fencing. The meeting lasted about 2 hours. He was so passionate and talkative that I couldn`t and I didn`t want to go.

Indoor climbing was another exciting experience. I met a guy named Ivailo Radkov (Fazata) who made me think about how lucky we should be that we live in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is really good country when you look about rocks because we have different kinds of rocks. We have granite, lime stone, sandstone… for example Sofia. You have to travel one hour and a half and you can go climb somewhere really close on rocks. It is really good place for rock climbing.”

As I was doing my blog, I decided to ask my parents about sports. It was great that they were involved in one of my academic assignments. First, mom said:

“Sport is awesome! It is good to practice sports at any age.”

Then dad added:

“Sport gives you many things but one of them is the incredible discipline….also mutual respect. Sports are: education, philosophy and a way of life.”

Then my next challenge was horse riding. I love horses. One of my dreams came true. I met Peter Mihailov, an instructor, who told me some useful tips how to ride.

“When you are in the saddle, put all of your weight through your heels when the balls of your feet are in the stirrups try keep your weight centered and sit up with a straight back, don’t shift your weight too much. To move, give the horse a nudge with your legs.”

It was AWESOME! I didn`t know anything about riding. It was so exciting.

Inspired by the horse riding…my next idea was being a cowgirl. Well my father already taught me how to shoot but here the challenge was different. I had to act like a cowgirl and shoot some apples. Again it was a lot of fun with a dose of adrenaline.

The last challenge which I overcame was to climb a tree with no branches, near the bottom. Climbing a tree is a great childhood pastime .Still I love to do it. Here you can see a video of the challenges that I accepted.

I had a great time doing all of these activities. I met people that are amazing, interesting, dedicated and passionate about sports. All of them were happy for doing the things they love.

Also, I am thankful that learned how to use Audacity, SoundCloud, Movie Maker, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Storify and the 22 tools and apps that every journalism student should know about.

What I really want to leave as a message here is that: “For what it`s worth, it`s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you are proud of .And if you find that you`re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.” adopted from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  


AUBG Olympics

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As I was pretty much involved in the organization of the AUBG Olympics…I decided to make a story about it. AUBG Olympics is a whole-day sports event. Read more about it.

Being a Cowgirl…

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Seeking for my next challenge, I come up with the idea of being a cowgirl. Killing …apples… why not? Have you tried it?  Jumping around pine cones…climbing trees and scowling your face…

You can watch my video … doing that J

First Time Horse Riding

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DSC_9322Many young girls have dreams of becoming a famous ballerina, actress or singer…except me! I wanted to be a farmer. I imagined riding a horse but I didn`t consider the manure piles that I will have to clean…

Anyway…I don`t have a farm yet and I am not sure if I want to fulfill my dream but…I still want to learn how to ride a horse.

As I was waiting for my instructor many thoughts came to my mind: what if I fall off the horse and break a bone?”

Then my positive thinking came out and I was absolutely sure “I will do it!”

My instructor Peter Mihailov helped me to mount up. Of course, it was necessary to adjust the horse’s girth and fix the length of my stirrups. He said:

“Make sure not to kick the horse”

Woll, I don`t want to kill myself…I will not do anything that might threaten my life.

Though, I did something that I shouldn`t… I stood right in front of the horse.edited I didn`t think that his eyes are so far apart that he cannot see me. Then Peter told me:

“You should stand to the side of the horse and not right in front of him. If you stand directly in front of him; the horse cannot see what is in front of him and may spook.!!!”

Fortunately, nothing bad happened.

Also, I didn`t know but it is good to pet the horse and maybe feed him a treat before you ride, so that you can get to know him.

Other advices that Peter gave me were:

“When you are in the saddle, put all of your weight through your heels when the balls of your feet are in the stirrups try keep your weight centered and sit up with a straight back, don’t shift your weight too much. To move, give the horse a nudge with your legs.”

Ha…sounds easy…but it is not. At the beginning, I was just bouncing on the horse… Then, I concentrated and tried to follow his moves. At the end, I felt the connection between horse and rider. Not as much as I would like to but I thought about it.

The romantic idea of travelling together through a long road in which a relationship begins as strangers, then becomes friends, molds a relationship where a private code of movements is established between the horse and the riderJ

309050_10150319448790938_773957362_nAs I was stuck in Blagoevgrad for a 3rd week…..I really miss my parents. Yes, it sounds like a 3 years old girl crying for a toy…but I love them. It is not just the basic underpinnings — love and shared memories. Most of the people can add mutual respect and common interests and may find a more fulfilling relationship with mam and dad. However, my relationship with them is something more than that. They inspire me; they make me believe that person can be happy every minute even every second. They taught me how to live and how to enjoy every moment.

So I decided to ask them about sports …Mom is a fencer and Dad is a wrestler …Now you can understand why I chose this topic for my blog…

Climbing >>>

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I have one more sport crossed off my bucket list-  Indoor Climbing!

What I came to realize is that: even climbing is a physical activity you climb with your mind—your hands and feet are extensions of your thoughts and will. Becoming a master climber requires that you first become a master of your mind.From the three pounds of brain matter between your ears emanate not only your thoughts, but also all motor skills, muscular recruitment, and the mystical forces of intuition and will power. DSC_7860The brain is the epicenter of all aspects of climbing performance and brain training is of great importance to participants in all climbing disciplines.

When I went in the National Academy of Sports to try my next challenge I met a guy named Ivailo Radkov (Fazata). He works there as a climbing coach and climbing is almost everything in his life. I asked him where he goes to climb and Fazata explained to me:

Bulgaria is really good country when you look about rocks because we have different kinds of rocks. We have granite, lime stone, sandstone… for example Sofia. You have to travel one hour and a half and you can go climb somewhere really close on rocks. It is really good place for rock climbing.”

Also, there are World Cups and European Cups organized in Bulgaria. Fazata has been 3 times Balkan Champion in the style Bouldering (It is climbing on a small wall about 5 meters height and the aim is to get to the top  where  the movies are really hard and dynamic with big jumps between them) .

DSC_7841Well, I wasn`t able to do something like that but I tried to climb a 14 meters wall slowly and carefully without to freak out  J

Another person who gave me some tips about climbing was Stanislav Minchev. Here are some of them.DSC_7838

1. Before you even put a foot on that wall, do a quick warm-up. Raise your body temperature so that blood starts flowing through all your muscles.

2. Try to hang from straight arms, supporting the bulk of your body weight on your feet.

3. Visualize your route before you start.DSC_7881

DSC_7847 - CopyThen, I was ready. I was so concentrated that I didn`t look down at all. After a while, I was on the top. I couldn`t believe it. I was so proud of myself .Suddenly, I realized:

“Mhm, how do I get down?”

I had to let go of the holds and use my feet to “walk” down the wall. I was like a sack of potatoes, spinning around J Finally, I was down to Earth. I had a lot of fun and plan on bringing some other friends next time.

What do you associate with the well-known motto of the Three Musketeers “All for one, and one for all?” Immediately, I imagine a picture of three crossed swords.  Respect, honor and dedication come to my mind.  The swordsmanship has always attracted me. Therefore, I decide to try fencing. I thought it is an elegant sport that would make me feel like a movie star 🙂

Unfortunately, the real fencing isn`t swinging from chandeliers or jumping off balconies but it takes place on a strip called a “piste”. The action is so fast that it is judged electronically rather than by eye.

However, I went to the National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski” and had the great honor to meet with Krasimir Petkov who is a lecturer and trainer of rapier, sword and sabre. My mom and he were teammates in the national team of Bulgaria. I was so excited to take a dip into another world of knights, swords and armors.

At the beginning, I was just watching the movements and the techniques of this sport. A fencer may choose to specialize in any one of the three available weapons: foil, épée, and sabre. I chose the sabre. Then, Prof. Petkov gave me the necessary protective clothing. Honestly, I didn`t know how to dress myself. Did you know that there is a plastic chest protector which makes you look like a strong Greek God?Well, I looked with bigger boobs. DSC_7806 I was impressed with the whole equipment. Fencing outfits are made of tough cotton or nylon. Kevlar was added to top level uniform pieces (jacket, breeches, underarm protector, lamé, and the bib of the mask).DSC_7798 Interesting fact is that the fencing suits are white, because in earlier times, touching was recorded with a piece of cotton at the tip of the weapon dripped in ink.

Finally, I was ready for my first lesson. The instructor taught me basic footwork, attacks and defense moves. What impressed me was that prior to starting a bout, both fencers must salute each other and the referee. The common theme is that the fencer stands upright, mask off, facing whomever he/she is saluting and raises his/her sword to a vertical position with the guard either at or just below face level, and then lowers it again.

Fencing is a sport of  grace, beauty, and perfection of efficient movement and form. I learned the simple things as stepping forward, stepping backward and extending the weapon to hit a target.

Suddenly, I looked at the clock and realized I was there for almost two hours. I couldn`t believe how fast the time had past. I felt so empowered like I was Catherine Zeta-Jones in the movie The Mask of Zorro. It was a great work-out, challenged my mind and reflexes.DSC_7786